Self Adhesive Label

An self adhesive label or sticky label is a small piece of paper designed to be affixed to any surface such as paper, plastic, wood, glass, or metal, typically by the action of a layer of adhesive on the front or back of the label.

  • Household Label
  • Healthcare Label
  • Personal Care Label
  • Food Label
  • Electrical & Electronic Label
  • Wine Labels
  • and etc

Adhesive Label Supplier

PTM Labels Sdn Bhd stands for high-quality labels, robust self-adhesive material, and precision modular labelling equipment. We are one of Malaysia’s leading adhesive label supplier and specialise in the full field of self-adhesive technology. For the past two decades, we have been persuading our consumers with our continual chain of know-how and Malaysian-made products. We provide custom adhesive label printing facilities based on your products and needs. PTM Labels Sdn Bhd’s novel adhesive materials, pressure-sensitive labels, and labelling machines provide a solution for your labelling application. Our skills and meticulousness have put us as one of the best adhesive label supplier on the Malaysian market. We provide label materials (papers and films), adhesives, and release liners together to produce adhesive materials for a variety of sectors. Labels for a wide range of labelling purposes can be manufactured using these diverse self-adhesive materials. Scroll down to see the myriad adhesive labels we manufacture.