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Barcode labels, which have been around longer than other scannable technologies, are now the most extensively used coding method worldwide. Aside from their practically universal use in retail price tags and product inventory. Having someone else print your barcode labels on occasion makes good financial sense. Instead of purchasing printers and software, have us produce your quick label jobs. PTM Labels Sdn Bhd offers custom sticker printing. We provide design and barcode sticker printing services following the specifications. Art paper, Mirrokote Paper, Synthetic label, and Polyester label are the material labels.

We understand the specific obstacles that businesses and individuals face when attempting to create barcode labels for their products. We print your barcode labels in accordance with the manufacturer’s stated requirements, and we test scans to ensure correct scannability. PTM Sdn Bhd’s custom industrial barcode sticker printing services adhere to GS1 standards and are available in any quantity—from short runs to 100,000 or more. Our custom barcode label products can also be developed with waterproof protective coatings to withstand transportation, storage, chemicals, and severe environments, such as those found in industrial locations. Reach out to us to engage our custom sticker printing services.

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