Pop Up Label

Pop-Up labels combine creativity with practical benefits which make them a winning solution! Pop-Up promotional labels are becoming increasingly popular across Asia thanks to their unique ability to make products stand out on crowded store shelves. Their shape is not only eye-catching – they also provide a high-profile space for promotions, packaging information, and special offers.



Product Label Sticker Printing

Pop up label printing is a relatively new merchandise marketing trend. This temporary label can be printed with your particular message or expression; the label can remain anywhere on the products in order to attract shoppers. This pop up label can be printed on sticker paper, PP white, or PP silver shelf-adhesive material. The adhesive is present on a portion of the pop up label paper. The rear adhesive is discarded, leaving only the exact desired area. As a result, the label can be attached to the product as an advertisement item. Selective adhesive product label sticker printing aids in catching the attention of customers. This is an excellent advertising tool for increasing consumer connection. PTM Labels Sdn Bhd provides pop up label printing services. Our designer team will design your desired pop up label printing. We offer customised pop up product label printing. Size, shape, colour, design, substance (a variety of plastic materials are available), thickness, and finishing can all be customised. We now provide the option of shipping the op up stickers in roll or sheet form. Contact us to get engaged with our product sticker printing services.