Shrink Sleeve Label

Shrink sleeve labels are full-color, 360-degree printed labels that utilize heat in the application process to confirm the label to the shape of the container. The labels are typically printed on either plastic or polyester film material and are commonly used on aluminum cans, glass, or plastic bottles.

Shrink sleeves can double as tamper-evident sealing to give your products the extra security they need with a perforated shrink cap. Shrink sleeves can also be used to package multiple items together for the purpose of offering them as one product.




PVC Shrink Sleeve Label

PTM Labels Sdn Bhd offers over 20 years of experience and can meet all of your PVC shrink sleeve label needs. Our PVC shrink sleeves are suitable for usage in any industry that uses PET, HDPE, aluminium, or glass containers. The PVC shrink label clasps onto the container and can be found as an overwrap on numerous products such as shampoos, drinks, edible and non-edible oils, and liquor bottle caps. The shrink sleeve label is a low-cost, flexible material with outstanding print quality. The growing popularity of printed PVC shrink sleeve label has seen widespread use across a wide range of market sectors, including food and beverage, toiletries and cosmetics, household goods, pet care, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals.

Our shrink sleeve label solution allows brands to fully customise their goods, allowing them to be more creative in conveying their brand identity. Furthermore, it adds a superior finish to the product and allows labelling on a variety of shaped containers. The shrink label will bring those shapes to life through innovative designs, making your products stand out from the crowd. Shrink sleeve labelling offers a strong shelf presence and a great visual impact due to its large exposure area and 360-degree branding.