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Sticker Printing Service

PTM Labels Sdn Bhd only manufactures quality labels and provides sticker printing service that is dedicated and committed to excel in customer expectations. Additionally, we also make a point to hire skilled talents, who undergo regular training, to ensure we provide nothing but the best service for our clients.


At PTM Labels, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of professionalism in providing guaranteed unmatched excellent quality label printing service to our clients.


Our talented team here is the key to our high-quality label & sticker printing services, all achieved through extensive and rigorous training.


We are constantly pushing boundaries to improve on our label & sticker printing services with every turn of a new year, in our efforts to meet excellent performance levels.

Our Facilities

Our Services

Sales Consultant

Additionally, we also provide sales consultant services, where we employ our years of experience in the field to understand the requirements of our clients. Our tailor-made consulting approach will ensure our clients’ needs are met through excellent sales strategies. Contact us today and get your assistance in our sales team.

Design Idea Propose

The designing process is a crucial facet in our line of work, as we understand its significance. As such, we are committed to assisting our clients to develop and produce their ideal designs. We are equipped with an in-house studio complemented with the latest technology, to assure our clients that all their design ideas are brought to life with excellent quality.

Idea Confirmation & Production

Through our collaborative relationship with our clients, we can handle simple and complex set requirements with ease. As the leading self adhesive label & shrink sleeve label printing service in Malaysia, our highly knowledgeable team is quick to make the collating and packing processes ones that are completed with efficiency and speed. Our solutions are made to fulfill your requirements, assuring they are wholly met.

Quality Control

Quality control (QC) is a procedure to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirement of the customer.

Strategic procedures that ensure the maintenance or improvement of a product’s quality. Generally, these processes include training employees, creating measurable standards for output quality, and periodically testing items to detect any inconsistencies.

We understand our role to prouse best product to our customers. So, we are committed to providing our clients with premium quality products and services through meticulous quality control.


As part of our goal to be sustainable and practising environmentally friendly practices, our goal for delivery and logistics remains standard. We offer our clients solutions, satisfying all their logistics requirements, as we protect products from any environmental hazards. Being the go-to self adhesive labels & shrink sleeve labels sprinting service in Malaysia, we offer excellent delivery solutions to all our clients, as they receive products promptly.